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Q&A with Harlan Glotzer
Treasure Island
We were so thrilled to get a chance to work with Harlan Glotzer on Treasure Island. Harlan could not have been a better fit for this project and his talent and sense of story really come through his compositions.
What made you decide to start a band using toy instruments?

The only instrument in the trio that would really be considered a toy would be the piano. Currently, toy pianos are experiencing a vibrant musical life. The majority of instruments in the trio are less widely known, perhaps somewhat anachronistic, but it is my drive and passion to bring to bear the relevance of musical instruments that have been lost in time to modern audiences, and ultimately, modern acceptance as conduits of music.

How would you describe your sound?

It really depends on what I’m composing for. The trio I would describe as a new take on the classical piano trio, while creating sonic landscapes evocative of dusty old music boxes and haunted carnivals, extending an accessibility to 21st century audiences.

What inspires you the most?

Story and narrative. These are aspects I endeavor to bring to my compositions. The music must propel the audience on a journey, and I typically like to start with a story or dramatic image in mind when I write. This makes working on projects with SDB phenomenally exciting for me, distilling my musical vision from classic stories and imagery and collaborating on bringing these stories to new life.

What type of art do you find most inspiring?

Closely connected to the previous question, I could most certainly add classical music and music in the Early Music/Historically Informed Performance movement, folk and traditional/olde timey/bluegrass/americana music. Instrument construction/lutherie of pre-modern instruments (pre-19th century) {originals and modern replicas} and personal conversations are also directly inspiring.

How do you use technology to take an older sound and make it modern?

I feel there is much and more that can be derived from sounds created acoustically, using the restrictions and allowances of our physical world, than we like to think is possible. Digitally created or synthesized vs. acoustic is like comparing the techniques of the Dutch masters with works created entirely in Photoshop. Both are important, and can create masterpieces, but you don’t need the latter to make the former relevant to a modern world. I prefer to keep my new music sounding old.

Favorite pirate movie?

Disney’s Robin Hood. What is a “pirate” really, but a thief on the ocean. And what is a “thief” really, but a pirate on land.

Check out Harlan at Toy Box Trio


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